How it works

PhotoPlan is your business partner. Our thoroughly thought out work flow platform has been designed from the ground up by property photographers for property photographers.

Ongoing developments ensure you will remain at the forefront of the industry.


1Receive Job Orders


Receive and manage your client jobs and our referred jobs via our on-line workflow platform. We are here to grow your business!

2Upload Photography

Upload media files to PhotoPlan.

Our cloud hosting platform is quick, simple to use, and automatically optimises your images and associated media for quality and loading speed.

3Floor Plan Upgrades Uploaded


We are the floor plan gurus! We have our own trained floor planners on the road ensuring a speedy turn around. Looking to earn more during your on site visit? We can train you up to be a floor plan guru too

4Photo Plan Packaged


We package your quality photography with requested 2D, 3D and interactive floor plans creating a unique and super-professional media package for your client.

5Deliver and Impress


Instant delivery via our cloud platform enables your client to view, download and share media. You are sure to impress!


Retain your current identity and branding

Increase your revenue by up-selling floor plan services

Generate new business utilising our strong nationwide presence

Managed monthly accounting enables you to get on with what you do best

No franchise fees, no licensing fees, free to use

Be part of NZ’s fastest growing real estate photographer network

PhotoPlan Benefits

Whether you shoot 3 or 30 properties a week, we will make your business more efficient, ultra-professional and more profitable!

By working as a network of like minded people we are able to greatly assist each in other in growing business. Sign up now and we can have you up and running within 24 hours

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